An analysis of the importance of the press

Share via Email Carl Bernstein, who with Bob Woodward exposed Watergate indiscusses the phone-hacking scandal at a Guardian media event last month. Teri Pengilley Anyone wanting to know why a free press matters could do worse than study the story of how the phone-hacking scandal at the News of the World was uncovered — looking both at the dogs that barked, and those that didn't.

An analysis of the importance of the press

The Daily press is the most important organ of a democratic set up. Democracy without the free movement of the press is a misnomer. None can undermine the importance of press in democracy.

First of all, it offers us a lot of news about the day-to-day happenings of the world. Thus it keeps us always alive to the goings on of the globe. The newspapers publish all these news — political, social and religious.

It must have the right to publish, these without any fear from any external authority. In countries where democracy prevails, freedom of the press is preserved and thus helps the individual considerably to frame his own judgments about issues.

It also makes the Government, aware of the lapses or shortcomings of its aims and achievements. Freedom of the press refers to freedom of speech and expression which is and always should be fundamental right. Without this right the liberty of man is not complete. A country pledged to democracy must ensure that its citizens enjoy a free and daily press.

Press keeps a constant vigil on the liberty of the people. To remove any harsh Government or to tight against dictatorship, anarchy and malpractices, press serves the best.

That is why, it may be called in the right proportion that press is the necessary pre-condition to the fulfillment of democratic ideologies. Press is the voice of the people in democratic set up. Press plays an important role in bringing forward the real picture of the society to the common people.

They raise voices against any anti-social practices such as dowry system, sati, child-labour, etc. In this way, malpractices prevailing in the society are checked and stopped.

In the communist countries, press is under Government control. Even in democracies the wrath of the ruling Government against any newspaper may snatch its freedom.

At the same time, newspapers should not lace partial and biased news that may instigate the people against the Government. Only one thing that should be kept in mind is that newspaper must not be misused.

It should be free, fair and unbiased.The press, meanwhile, shows itself to be a willing hostage to the modern demands for a click-worthy story and a tweetable quote. At press conferences, the overwhelming tendency is to ask about the day’s headline or to look for the “gotcha” question, instead of addressing long-term accountability issues.

An analysis of the importance of the press

Free press allows for the general public to formulate their own reactions to news as it happens, not as the government says it happens. A country w/ free press: The value of the Pound Sterling has dropped % against the USD.

A country w/o free press: The economy of the vile British is collapsing. Interestingly, the press was probably the least of Gutenberg's technical problems as he worked out the details of printing with movable type.(3) Not only was the screw press used for the crude printing of the era, but other technologies of the era, such as wine making and book binding, employed it as well.

Analysis Interpretation of the news based on evidence, including data, as well as anticipating how events might unfold based on past events Republicans on the importance of a free press: Meh By.

The importance of a free press A nyone wanting to know why a free press matters could do worse than study the story of how the phone vital evidence of the importance of the free press.

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