Analyzing the distribution of wic funds

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Analyzing the distribution of wic funds

I want to watch you pee into this paper cup to see if you have been taking drugs. Steve Valero, a lawyer at Greater Boston Legal Services, is indignant about this and has been telling shelters that it is an illegal practice.

Some shelter directors claim they had no idea it was illegal. They thought it would be better to have all residents tested for drugs rather than singling out one person.

Valero said that he tells those directors they have it backwards. It might be legal to single out a person whom you suspect of being on drugs if that person was behaving as if she is drugged -- for example, if she seems completely stoned and is neglecting her kids.

But to test everybody routinely is an illegal invasion of privacy.

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One shelter resident said that she had to undergo drug testing every week for over 40 weeks, with a staff member watching her pee, even though she has never taken drugs. The war on drugs has invaded shelters for the homeless, treating homeless people as criminals. In this article I discuss the causes of homelessness, how the shelter system, which was presumably a temporary response to homelessness, has become institutionalized as the dominant response, and how it is used for social control.

I discuss the various approaches to ending homelessness, many of them distractions from the main cause -- poverty. The federal government cut back on building houses and subsidizing housing for low-income people as well as social assistance programs.

Urban renewal and gentrification forced people out of low-rent housing, and wages declined with deindustrialization and outsourcing. Cities used land use policies to help corporations and real estate interests squeeze out the poor. Hurricane Katrina made matters worse for poor people: With the enormous political and logistical obstacles to rebuilding that now exist, it will be years before the Gulf region of the country works through the disruption to human lives and the destruction to the built environment.

However, the federal government has been cutting back on building housing and providing subsidies for housing since the early s. There is a year waiting list for Section 8 vouchers in Massachusetts, and no more are being given out.

The federal government chose to subsidize private housing for poor people through Section 8 vouchers rather than build housing because it did not want to interfere with private real estate interests.

Real estate interests have decimated rent control in most cities, as rents continue to rise beyond the ability of low-income people, and even middle-income people, to pay them.

The Western Regional Advocacy Project documents federal cutbacks in housing: Froma yearly average of almost 31, new Section rural affordable housing units were built, but fromaverage yearly production was less than half that of the previous decade and fromSection built an average of only 1, new units per year.

In recent years, overprivate-sector rental units have been lost annually, and 1. HUD budget authority in was 65 percent more than its budget.

Every year sincetax benefits for home ownership have been greater than HUD's entire budget and have dwarfed direct expenditures for programs that benefit low-income renters. Over the next couple of decades, shelters grew from being a temporary emergency response to become a permanent shelter industry.Persons using assistive technology might not be able to fully access information in this file.

Analyzing the distribution of wic funds

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Task • Provide a baseline to optimize use of WIC technology funds through strategic planning • Maintain robust communications to. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as the Food Stamp Program, provides food-purchasing assistance for low- and no-income people living in the United is a federal aid program, administered by the United States Department of Agriculture, under the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS), though benefits are distributed by each U.S.

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Analyzing the distribution of wic funds

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Analyzing the Distribution of WIC Funds Essay  Analyzing the Distribution of WIC Funds WIC is an organization that stands for Women’s, Infant’s, and Children’s Supplemental Nutrition Program and was established in (Martinez-Schiferl, ).

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