Duenow essays

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Duenow essays

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Keep in mind that your stance on that topic must meet the following requirements: It is an argument not a statement of fact.

It is researchable must be publically discussed enough to result in useful evidence. You must have at least four reliable sources most likely from our Internet-based database services but also from notable online sources and traditional library sources, like books, including articles in our textbook if applicable.

Here is a breakdown of the assignment: Topic — Open with my approval Purpose — Choose ONE of the argumentative strategies and make a researched argument about your topic Audience — Someone who disagrees with you but is open to change and is interested in the topic Research — You must have at least four sources cited within your paper and referenced on a correct and complete MLA-style Works Cited page.

Be sure to cite all use of information and quote and cite all use of words. Format — MLA format for style and all quotations, citations, and the Works Cited Style — Formal and academic no contractions, first or second person point of view, no slang, etc.

Length — at least words You must read the sources and write a paragraph of words for each in which you summarize its contents and explain how it is relevant and useful for your project.

You will take your paragraphs and intersperse them within your Works Cited list, creating an annotated bibliography. You may use books, articles, and web sites that are reliable and respectable.

Note that web sites full of student essays and essays for hire, like bigpapers, duenow, doctortext, essaytown, free-essay-guide, cyberessays, netessays, etc.

Encyclopedias and dictionaries are also NOT academic sources, so no Wikipedia!!!! It should have one-inch margins, your heading name, class, my name, date in the top left corner, double-spaced and typed in Times New Roman font size 12, and have your last name and page number in the top right header.

Duenow essays

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